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If you would like to submit your author reading Book Clip then this page will tell you everything you need to know to make it happen.

Authors of lesbian fiction find it tough to find qualified readers. In other words people who already enjoy lesbian fiction, are prone to buying it and like discovering new authors.

That’s where Book Clips fills the gap. Book Clips is a podcast on The Lesbian Talk Show where an author or narrator does a reading from a novel. Listeners get buy links and a synopsis in the show notes making it easy to find and buy the book.

Book Clips are about ten minutes long – this is long enough to hook the reader and really give her a taste of the writing style and type of story.

The cost is $10 per submission.

What Am I Paying For?

After you submit your MP3  then I edit the sound to make it sound as good as possible. Please note that you need to send me the best possible recording because there is only so much I can do to fix sound problems.

Your recording gets added to the schedule and I will let you know when it will go live. It then gets added to The Lesbian Talk Show website and it goes into the marketing system that re-markets the podcast over the next few months on Twitter. I do this to maximise your exposure to listeners.

Your cover art is used as the graphics for the show (on channels where individual show art is accepted like Podbean, Stitcher) and also on Twitter.

Apart from the work I put in editing, doing images and marketing your Book Clips specifically I also put in the time to ensure that the audience you get are already people who enjoy reading lesbian fiction.

Book Your Book Clip

Click on this button to pay for your book clip. Then email me the rest of the stuff and away we go.

The Terms

This is a ladies channel, however, we are non discriminatory so if you are a male author and want to do a book clip reading from your lesbian novel then by all means go ahead.

Please note that we will not publish hate or discrimination in any form.

Also please indicate if there is violence or abuse in your novel to give listeners a heads up.

Need More Info?

It’s cool – here’s how it all works and don’t worry, you get this info again once you have paid.

How It Works

  • You send me an MP3 recording of yourself doing a reading from your novel.
  • You can email me the recording or you can send it to me via Dropbox or Google drive.
  • I will edit your reading – so if you stumble, just pause and do the whole line again.
  • You can email me on

What You Need To Record

  • Start with your name and the name of your book – for example, Hi I am (NAME) and today I will be doing a reading from my novel (Novel Title)
  • If you think it is needed, explain the context of the story so far so that listeners understand what they are listening to
  • Do a ten minute reading from your novel
  • End with something like You have been listening to me, (Your Name) doing a reading from my novel (Novel Name)

Your Checklist For Recording:

  • start with book title and author name
  • end with book title and author name
  • paused and repeated line if I stumbled
  • paused if a car drove past or some other loud noise happened then redid the line

Your Email Checklist:

  • The mp3 recording
  • Your book title by author name (make sure this is the same as the payment info)
  • Synopsis of book
  • Book Cover
  • Name of narrator if there is one

You can email me on

How To Make A Recording

Here is a handy guide on how you can make an audio recording with some free, really decent software

Example Book Clip

This is what a typical narrated book clip sounds like.


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