I create a number podcasts for lesbians by lesbians (or queer women). You can find most of them on Apple Podcasts, Anchor and Google Podcasts.

Lesbians On Screen

Ever wish someone would do an in-depth watch through and discuss your favourite TV show or Movie with a lesbian couple? Well, that’s exactly what Lesbians On Screen is all about. Sheena is joined by guests for a full season as they talk about their absolute favourite lesbian representation on screen.

In Season 1 Sheena and Monica McCallan talk about Juliantina – Catch all the info here

Les Talk About It

Part of wanting to normalize lesbianism is figuring out why people say what they say about us. And so my wife and I started a podcast to talk about being lesbian. We debunk myths, we chat about funny stereotypes and we end up laughing a lot.

You can check out all our episodes here 

The Lesbian Review Podcast

As an audio spin off of my website The Lesbian Review, I decided to do a podcast on books, movies and other wondrous things. Most of the episodes are top 10 lists with the occasional one on something different.

You can find all of them here