How To Make An Audio Recording For Free

This is a quick guide on How To Make An Audio Recording For Free – which is super useful if you want to send me a Book Clip

Step 1 – Installing The Software

The first thing you need to do is install Audacity – it is free audio recording software with a surprisingly good range of capabilities.

Follow the installations instructions and open the program.

Step 2 – Installing The Extra Bit

You are not quite finished installing yet. Now we need to add a piece of software that allows you to export your audio to an MP3.

The easiest way to do this is to record any piece of audio – you do this by pressing the red button at the top. lines depicting audio will appear on your timeline. Now you press the stop button (the square).

Go to FILE > Export Audio > type in a test name – where you select the file type choose MP3.

It will give you an error message saying that you need an extra piece of software. Follow the installation instructions.

When this is done you are ready to begin recording your podcast.

Videos That Can Help

Installing and Setting Up Audacity

Complete Audacity tutorial 

Why Make An Audio Recording?

Audio is a great way to engage people while they are commuting or doing something mindless like washing dishes.

Podcasts have blown up in popularity recently with huge networks spending tons of money on them because of how large this medium is going to grow.

However, you don’t need to be a genius in order to do an audio recording. You just need the software I mentioned above, a quiet place and a lot of patience.

Some Tips To Improve Your Audio

To really make your sound great you need a quiet place to record. Lock the cats and dogs in a different part of the house, set a time where traffic isn’t likely to be buzzing outside and make sure windows and doors are closed.

Then sit close to the microphone and turn the recording volume to 50% or less. If your lines are red then it’s too high.

Speak with energy. It makes it more engaging.

Don’t worry about how your voice sounds, everyone hates the sound of their own voice and even professionals don’t like their voices at first. It takes training to get over.

Re-listen to your recording. Pretend it’s someone else and listen for the quality of the recording. If there is too much noise or an annoying pop or click then re record. If something fell during the recording then just redo that bit.

If you are doing a reading from a book then turn the pages in a moment of silence, not while you are speaking. That way the sound can be cut out.

Small things like that can make a huge difference to the quality of your recording.

I hope that helps you make a recording that is high quality and low stress.