Thank You For Booking A Book Clip

Thank you for booking a book clip

How It Works Now

  • You send me an MP3 recording of yourself doing a reading from your novel.
  • You can email me the recording or you can send it to me via Dropbox or Google drive.
  • I will edit your reading – so if you stumble, just pause and do the whole line again.

What You Need To Record

  • Start with your name and the name of your book – for example, Hi I am (NAME) and today I will be doing a reading from my novel (Novel Title)
  • If you think it is needed, explain the context of the story so far so that listeners understand what they are listening to
  • Do a ten minute reading from your novel
  • End with something like You have been listening to me, (Your Name) doing a reading from my novel (Novel Name)

Your Checklist For Recording:

  • Start with book title and author name
  • End with book title and author name
  • Paused and repeated line if I stumbled
  • Paused if there was a noise happened then redid the whole line

Your Email Sending Checklist: