Hi, my name is Sheena Lemos Ebersohn and this tells you about me. I run The Lesbian Review and a few different podcasts

Lesbian content is important because it provides a space in the world that shows lesbians that we are not abnormal. It provides a haven, if you like, creating a space where women who find other women attractive are not alone in the world.

Here are some of the things that I believe are important:

Lesbian Fiction

I think this is important because seeing ourselves in the media normalises us.

Karin Kallmaker wrote this in her novel Wild Things, “My sexuality is both as relevant and irrelevant as the color of my skin. It influences everything I do and it influences nothing I do.”

That quote pretty much sums up how I feel. Being a lesbian isn’t the only thing I am. Who I find sexually attractive really has nothing to do with anyone other than my wife. However, it is also everything about me. It is what makes me want to change the world. It is what makes me different from so many people and it is what I want to share with other women who are like me.  And so, I write books about lesbians and I talk about being a lesbian and I read books about lesbians. Because it is everything and nothing to do with who I am.

Lesbian Content For Everyone

I don’t believe that being a lesbian and celebrating that should exclude anyone. I am a firm believer that bisexual women, queer women, trans women and even men have the right to enjoy any of the lesbian content that I create and share.

My goal is not to try and convert all bisexual women to becoming lesbians nor is it to tell heterosexual men that they can’t enjoy a good lesbian romance.

Heck the more allies we have, the better the world becomes and the less it becomes a place about them vs us. So yes, all my platform celebrate lesbians but it is content for everyone.

About The Incidental Lesbian

A term I coined in a podcast was The Incidental Lesbian. I was talking about how we can encourage mainstream readers to read more lesbian fiction and why that is important. I believe that the key to this is The Incidental Lesbian – the character who is busy with the story and just happens to be a lesbian.

This takes lesbian fiction out of the niche market that is only for lesbians and into the mainstream market where we are telling a good story and yet the main character happens to be a lesbian.

Reclaiming The Word Lesbian

A large part of what I do involves labeling things as lesbian. The reason I do this is because lesbian is often considered a taboo word. It is also centered on the male gaze and is associated with things that have nothing to do with lesbians like porn made for men.

So, I label everything I do with the word lesbian because I am reclaiming the word. We are women who love women and it is not a dirty word.